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A lot of people do not like working out. They even dislike the thought of it, so they procrastinate and they come up with a number of different excuses to avoid exercise. These are the main three excuses and how you can overcome them.

“Exercise hurts!”

This is true, working out can make you sore. If you have not been active for a long time and then you start moving your body, you are going to experience some soreness. One example is side stitches.

The best way for you to reduce the soreness is by staring small. You are not going to keep up with an advanced aerobics class if you are a beginner. It is essential for your muscles to get time to adjust and become flexible once more.

Try and do yoga stretches to begin. You are going to feel some soreness initially but getting your muscles flexible is the best way to get started. When your muscles start getting flexible, you need to add some strenuous work out for your muscles to be prepared.

Exercise in small increments and be sure to keep track of your progress. After a few months, you are going to be surprised by how far you have come and even wonder why you used to have excuses.

“I’m way too busy to go to the gym”

This has to be the most often heard excuse out there. The fact is that everyone has a tight schedule and there is no one who really wants to work out but people find time for it. The busiest people are usually the ones that stick to a work out routine. When you have more energy and feel better, you are going to be more proactive during the day.

You have to prioritize working out. At first, you are going to get tired quite fast and even ask yourself what is the aim for working out. Do not give up and with time, your energy level is going to increase. Soon, you are going to enjoy the benefits that you get from working out and want to continue.

If you have a tight schedule, will it be possible to give up some of your free time or even work out while watching television, for example on an exercise bike? You can decide to be waking up and out of the house earlier so that you can do your stretches or go for a run.

Even better, why not consider interval training with a program like Metabolic Aftershock, which you can do in only 15 minutes a day, three times a week? Don’t believe it? Check out some Metabolic Aftershock real reviews here.

“Exercise is boring”

There are some exercises which can be boring for some people, and maybe not for others. It is important for you to find the things that you like doing and focus on them. If you do not like kickboxing, do not do it as you will only look for an excuse to skip it. If you are into dancing, you can put on some music and dance around the house. This is exercise too and the best thing about it is that it is fun.

If you enjoy swimming, go to your local pool and swim as often as you can. If the area you live in has a heated pool, you can be able to swim all year round.

The aim here is to get your joints moving and strengthen your heart rate. This will improve your overall health, as well as keeping the joints lubricated.

You need to know that not everyone who works out really enjoys it. They do it because they like how it makes them feel. They enjoy being able to wear tight outfits and look hot. Wouldn’t you like that yourself?

It is not mandatory for you to love working out but if you want to lose weight and look better, you need to stop making excuses to avoid exercise and just do it!

6 Thoughts on “Are You Making Excuses To Avoid Exercise?

  1. Yes I do make a lot of excuses for me not to exercise with my friends such as I dont need it Im too skinny and Ill get tired easily. Same lame excuses all the time but last year I have realized that I am not doing anything for my own health and fitness thus the motivation came in and I started training. Im doing great so far!

  2. Burton on October 4, 2016 at 4:34 am said:

    Our compаny has a gym facility and it is amazing how few people use it even though it is free for employees. They thought of incentivizing it by giving some kind of small bonus to those who work out regularly, but there was an uproar. It shows how a company sees physical fitness to be increasing the productivity of its workforce.

  3. Patti on July 22, 2016 at 3:21 pm said:

    I find all exercise boring.

    • Jukola on August 18, 2016 at 1:27 pm said:

      Patti, then the best for you will be something you can do in a short amount of time, like Metabolic Aftershock, see the link in the above article.

  4. sikis izle on May 8, 2016 at 5:14 am said:

    Sie haben einen fantastischen Blog Dank.

  5. Good article. Regular repetition is so important for fitness. That is why we have to prioritize it on our schedules.

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