Low Fat Low Carb Dukan Diet Tips

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One of the extreme low carb low fat diets is the Dukan Diet which has been developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan who is a French doctor. The main principle when it comes to the Dukan Diet is to alternate days of eating pure protein and vegetables with protein foods.

In the first part or days of the Dukan Diet tips, you will eat nothing but protein foods which contain minimal amount of fat. This is called the attack phase and it will last 2-7 days depending on the starting weight and certain circumstances. During this phase, you will be eating fat free dairy products, tofu and seitan, eggs, turkey and fish, skinless chicken and lean meats.

You should definitely talk to your doctor before starting a diet, especially one as strict as this one. In fact, you may consider that it is not safe at all. There are many safer diets around that still work, and some of them are low fat low carb.

After the attack phase, if you are following the Dukan diet,  you will now proceed to the cruise phase. This is the part when you will follow it until you are able to reach your “true” weight and this will depend on your starting weight and how much you want to lose.

Half of your days will focus one eating protein rich foods and the other half of your days will still be focused on eating protein rich foods but with added non-starchy vegetables. During this time, you are still not allowed to eat other foods such as nuts, bread, fruit, rice and cooking fats.

After the cruise phase, you will now go to the consolidation phase and this is the phase that will last longer than the cruise phase. It will last over 100 days or 3 months and most of the foods which you are not allowed to eat during the attack phase will be added here in limited quantities.

The phase 4 or the maintenance or the permanent stabilization phase is the last stage of the Dukan diet tips program. In this phase, you can now have a normal diet but you will still need to have at least 1 protein day each week.

In this diet program, it is still important for you to drink at least 5 glasses of water a day to avoid harming your health. You should also workout regularly even if it is just a short walk. It is also recommended for you to take supplements so that your body will have the vitamins and minerals needed for the body to function properly.

One of the main issues that people have with this type of diet program is that several of them don’t like to eat meat that much however, there are still others who love the kind of diet that this program provides because it suits them.

There are also some health professionals who do not agree with the kind of diet that this program provides since it is focused on high protein diet and this can harm the kidneys and liver. That’s why this diet program and all Dukan diet tips should only be followed by those people who have been advised by their physicians to do so. As a matter of fact, it is highly recommended to seek your physician first before following any type of diet program to avoid having health issues in the future.

How To Get Rid Of Side Stitches

Woman running on beachThe running experience can be ruined almost immediately by side stitches, which can be extremely uncomfortable and painful. It can only take a matter of seconds for the pain to increase and the run may need to be stopped. For this reason it is important to know how to get rid of side stitches.

What Is A Side Stitch?

Side stitches mostly occur on the left side of the body although they do sometimes occur on the right side. It occurs below the ribs. On some occasions the pain is so intense that the runner has to stop their workout.

Causes of Side Stitches

Stitches are known to occur during running and sometimes walking, and although there is no definite medical explanation for their cause, there are a number of theories.

People who are new to running may suffer with stitches more because their breathing is more likely to be rapid and shallow. The diaphragm is not fully engaged and relaxed when breathing is rapid and this causes the ligaments to forcefully contract.

It is also believed that rapid breathing alongside the jolting that is experienced when running as the right foot touches the ground can be a cause. This puts additional strain on the ligaments that are found near the diaphragm and the liver. The pain that this causes is felt on the left side of the body.

It is also thought that side stitches can be caused by running too soon after eating a meal. Carbonated drinks that have a lot of sugar can also be a cause of stitches. Pain is felt because the food and drink have not completely passed through the digestive system.

Another theory is that if a runner does not warm up properly and starts their run by running too fast then stitches may occur.

How to Avoid Side Stitches

The first step in preventing stitches, if a person experiences them often, is to ensure that they do not eat a meal or even a snack within one or two hours of starting their run. Water can be drank but only in small amounts and sports or carbonated drinks should be avoided. Water is a better choice than these types of drinks when running, especially if the weather is warm.

Deep breathing in a rhythmic manner can also prevent side stitches. Breathing is less likely to be rapid if the breathing cycles are smooth and slow. Proper posture is also needed when breathing in and out fully.

A good posture can also prevent stitches because it will ensure that the muscles are not being squeezed. A good posture for running is to have arms at 90 degree angles at the sides, the chest should be up and open to allow for easy breathing and the back should be kept straight and not hunched over.

How to Get Rid of Side Stitches

It’s possible to get rid of side stitches even while they are happening. You can continue running and press the side of the body where the pain occurs. Press firmly and take deep breaths. It is important to try and keep a good posture while doing this in order to prevent the stitch getting worse, although this may be difficult.

The pain of a stitch should be eliminated when the muscles are massaged and breathing is slow and even-paced.

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